Basic Use


Click on any empy part of cicuit and see/edit 
Circuit properties in left-panel->Properties tab:
        This controls the reactive elements step length 
        in circuit steps.
        The longer this value, the faster but less accurate
        simulation of reactive elements.
        For high frequency circuits with reactive elements
        you should set this value acording to the period length.

        Circuit simulation speed in steps/second.

Right-click on any empy part of cicuit for context menu:
    Save Circuit as image.

Drag Components from left-panel->Components tab, drop
to the circuit and create connectors by clicking on pins.

Shift+click_on_empty: scroll circuit.
Mouse_wheel:          zoom in/out.

click_on_wire:        create node and init new wire.
ctrl+click_on_wire:   move wire

Power button:         start/stop simulation.

Click on components and move then.

Right-click on components for context menu:
    Rotate CW.
    Rotate CCW.
    Rotate 180.

Select single components and see/edit properties in left-panel->Properties tab:
    id: you can edit id of the component.

    Show id: show or hide id label (hidden by default).

    Some Components have a value label, like resistance or capacitance
    you can edit value, unit and show/hide value label (shown by deafult).


Right-click for context menu:
    Load firmware:
        load the firmware.

    Re-load firmware:
        Re-loads a loaded firmware (for example new version).

    Open Serial Term:
        Open serial monitor in bottom panel
        Any data sent by first usart of microcontroller
        Will de printed here.

    Close Serial Term:
        Close serial monitor in bottom panel

Afther loading firmware you can watch registers 
by name or address in left-panel->Ram Table tab.

Select microcontroller and see/edit properties in left-panel->Properties tab:
    Set clock speed Mhz.


Hover probe over wires or pins to see voltages at any point of the circuit.

Right-click for context menu:
    Add to Plotter:
        Open Plotter in bottom panel and plots probe voltage.

    Remove from Plotter
        Remove probe from plotter.

    Add to oscope:
        Open Oscilloscope in bottom panel 
        and display probe voltage wave.

    Remove from oscope:
        Remove Oscilloscope.