Basic Use

 The interface is divided into 3 main parts:

- Left Panel with Components, Ram Table and Properties tabs.
- Center Panel with Circuit canvas and Circuit instruments (plotter, oscope, etc.)
- Right Panel with Editor/Compiler/Debugger.

You can resize each panel to take all the space or make it dissapear.


- Right-click on any empy part of cicuit for context menu.

- Drag Components from Left-Panel->Components tab, drop to the circuit and create connectors by clicking on pins.

- Shift+Left-click on any empty part of the circuit and move to scroll circuit.

- Mouse_wheel to zoom in/out circuit.

- Click on wires to create node and init new wire.

- Ctrl+Left-Click on wire to move wire.

- Power button to start/stop simulation.

- Left-Click on components and move then.

- Right-click on components for context menu.

- Select single components and see/edit properties in left-panel->Properties tab.

 Video of basic use:

Components tab:

- Expand or collapse categories by clicking in the small arrow.

- Hide or show whole categories or single components:
     Right-Click on any category and select "Manage  Components"
     Select items to show or hide in the dialog.

These settings are saved automatically, so next time SimulIDE will look the same.

Video of Components tab: